ZIKZAK Architects Embody the Sky in Ukraine

ZIKZAK Architects’ new project with a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing company embodied the sky in their new Kyiv workspace. Features of lightness, levitation and drones inspired the design.

Project Overview:

  • Design Firm: ZIKZAK Architects
  • Client: Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing company
  • Completion Date: 2024
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Size: 250 m2

ZIKZAK incorporated flexibility, dynamism, technological advancement, texture and lightness to reflect the work carried out in the workspace. The project has no sharp angles; the walls are curved to emphasize the smoothness of lines and forms. To create a relaxed atmosphere, the soft curves of the walls and their decorations accentuate the elegance of the space, giving it a sense of weightlessness. Gentle, smooth lines and light shades create a feeling of cleanliness and harmony. From color to wall curvature, all aspects of the interior subtly speak of aviation, celestial heights and the ease of flight.

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Project Details

The design of the reception area is inspired by the dynamism and technology of modern UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The reception desk is made of contrasting material to the overall space – dark wood. It mimics the shape of a modern fighter jet with broken lines. Accent elements start from the welcome zone: multimedia screens and cobalt stripes reminiscent of aviation. Here begins the lighting element that complements the narrative – a lamp embodying the inverted trace that extends throughout the room. The waiting area is furnished with a comfortable sofa of smooth form with curves and soft chairs.

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The open space is designed in a modern industrial style. It features lightweight composite materials, hybrid furniture, and mini meeting rooms with the ability to move around the office perimeter. One notable feature is the lightbox wall, which is covered with a film depicting pixelated clouds. A highlight of the open space is the lounge area with augmented reality screens that display the sky at different times of the day. They create a very impressive realistic impression and switch from clear midday sky to purple sunset, changing the atmosphere and mood in the office.

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Acoustic textured coating is used on the ceilings with exposed utilities. Work areas are equipped with acoustic baffles with integrated lighting fixtures, sound-absorbing wall cladding made of wood fiber, and Japanese curtains.

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Nick Zykh

Tetyana Zykh

Mariia Ternova

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Ihor Yashyn

Valeria Mostipan

Vasylyna Boichuk

Anush Yehiiants

Ilya Veprik

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