Your guide to California's Assembly District 52 race: Northeastern Los Angeles County

California has spent billions of dollars to alleviate homelessness, yet more than 100,000 people sleep on the street and a majority of Californians view homelessness as a big problem in their part of the state.

The Times asked the candidates what they would do as a state lawmaker to address homelessness.

Ruiz said the status quo is clearly not working. “We need to do an audit of expenditures, redistribute funding to proven groups/solutions, and give CARE Court a chance,” he said, referring to California’s new law that allows people to petition the court to request mental health treatment for family members experiencing psychoses.

Caloza said she would fight to speed up the construction of more temporary and permanent housing and provide more accountability for how existing resources are used. She would also support investments in the state’s CARE courts.

Girón touted his City Hall experience, and said voters “need someone who understands this issue at the local level so that incentives exist to ensure that state, city and county services are all pulling in the same direction,” adding: “My goal isn’t to just increase funding, but to focus policy and incentives towards fundamentals we need to achieve our goals.”

Carrillo said he would support policies to require more affordable housing in residential neighborhoods. He would also help bolster existing efforts like recent legislation that allows residential development on some lots zoned for other uses.

Pittman said that more housing is needed, and that the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and other laws limiting rent control should be repealed.

Quiñones said she would lobby for federal public housing funds for veterans, disabled people and workforce communities.

Coronado advocated for a “a multi-tiered approach that fast-tracks the development of long-term, affordable housing, supports a social housing model, strengthens tenant protections, expands rent control, removes caps on residential density, and increases access to mental health and substance abuse programs.”

Leon said the causes of homelessness must be addressed.

Sills did not answer the question, and Fanara did not reply to any of The Times’ questions.

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