Two Cities are Better Than One – Tour Omnicom’s Melville, NY Office

From Manhattan to Melville, Omnicom finds an ideal location for all of their employees. Interior Design firm Mancini Duffy takes us into Omnicom’s Melville, NY office. (Then view their Manhattan space here.)

Project Overview:

  • Design Firm: Mancini Duffy
  • Client: Omnicom
  • Completion Date: 2023
  • Location: Melville, Long Island, New York, USA
  • Size: 18,000 sq ft

The Melville, Long Island space was designed to fulfill two needs. An office space that is centrally located to where many employees commute from to give them an alternative to coming into New York City. And as a location to allow for strategic off-sites, cross collaboration, and client and employee engagement.

0227972000 N23
Architect | Mancini Duffy

Project Planning

We worked with the Omnicom Executive team through a series of engagements to program the space, as this was a new type of space for them open to all agencies/employees. We were tasked with fulfilling collaboration requirements across many activity-based working scenarios as well as providing individual focus solutions within a concierge serviced agile working model. The space was designed with Omnicom’s DEI initiatives at the forefront of all built solutions, so we provided inclusive design accommodations in every aspect of the design.

0227972000 N9
Architect | Mancini Duffy

Project Details

The concept of this space was to evoke a “modern playful” environment. Unique architectural ceiling features and geometric finish applications were designed to serve as a defining pathway through the space connecting the main amenity and collaboration zones, encouraging connection within the space. Light, bright, and airy volumes are strategically anchored by fixture and finish placement utilizing the design elements of pattern, texture, color and natural materials/biophilic elements which unite to create a relaxed and welcoming space.

0227972000 N16
Architect | Mancini Duffy



Glass Wall System – Steelcase

Paint – Benjamin Moore

Laminate – Octopus Products

Quartz Countertop – IGS Countertops 

Tile – Tile Bar

0227972000 N18
Architect | Mancini Duffy

Wall Covering:

Acoustic Panels/Wallcovering:

Acoustic Ceilings:


0227972000 N19
Architect | Mancini Duffy

DEI Implementation  

Omnicom was so pleased with DEI initiatives incorporated into the project that they have now become the standard for all build-outs.


0227972000 N8
Architect | Mancini Duffy


Principal, Director of Workplace Strategy & Interior Design: Jessica Mann-Amato, IIDA

Project Mangager: Betzally Mendoza

Senior Designer: Kristen Hagen

Project Architect: Cesar Gomez

Designers: Emily Anderson and Alexandria Borelli

0227972000 N21
Architect | Mancini Duffy


Mike Van Tassell Photography, LLC

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Architect | Mancini Duffy

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