Super Easy Ways to Copy These Celebrity Moms’ Denim Looks

These celebrity moms know mom jeans

If you’re anything like us, your younger years were filled with “jeans and a cute top” when faced with the “what are you wearing tonight?” text. Jeans were the default. Of course, you may still rely on jeans every day, but in the age of work-from-home being the norm, it’s more likely you’re either wearing leggings, yoga pants, or, if you have to go into the office or to a jobsite, business-casual or a uniform. But, hear us out. Jeans have come a long way, and they’re not all stiff and skinny anymore. There are lots of options for mom jeans, and these celebrities are offering a ton of inspiration.

It’s possible it’s been a hot minute since you shopped for jeans. No problem. We’re going to give you a little run-down of what to consider when you’re shopping for denim (especially online):

  • Inseam — The length from the base of the zipper to the leg opening. Especially for women’s styles, inseams vary by silhouette (skinny, cropped/capri, bootcut/flare/wide, boyfriend/mom jeans)
Womens Inseam Guide
Women’s Inseam Guide

Naturally, this is just a guide. Your body shape, personal preferences, and, above all, what you feel best in will impact what your ideal inseam is. But it’s a handy reference and a great place to start. Also, check on fabrication details when you’re shopping online for denim. The amount of stretch (usually Spandex) jeans are made with will make a difference to how they look and feel.

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