Scottish Mom Unpacks the Incredible Baby Box All Parents Get from the Government

A Scottish mom unboxed her government-provided baby box on social media, and it really highlights how countries like the U.S. completely fail to support moms

It’s really no secret that new moms in the U.S. get way less support than in many other countries in the world. We’re the only developed country in the world that doesn’t mandate paid parental leave. Other countries with similar GDP to the U.S. contribute around $14,000 per child per year toward subsidizing childcare, while in the U.S., we only spend around $500, leaving the rest of the burden on parents. And in case you needed another reason to throw your hands up in frustration, a Scottish mom unboxed the baby box she (and all other moms in her country) received for free from the government, and it really shines a light on how much more could—and should—be done for expecting parents everywhere.

Every family in Scotland is entitled to this baby box when they’re expecting a new arrival, the mom in the video explains, as she unboxes a package covered in fun designs that are ready to be colored. It’s made that way so that if you have older kids, they can color the box to help prepare it for their new younger sibling. Or, in this mom’s case, she’s planning to color it herself as a relaxing activity during the final weeks of her pregnancy.


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After opening the box, she starts sharing everything that comes inside, for free, compliments of the Scottish government.

“Inside is an envelope on how to breastfeed… some maternity pads and breast pads, a gorgeous play mat, which is absolutely massive… a tummy time book…a teething toy, a thermometer, a bath and room thermometer, some essential bits like a sponge and some nail files for your baby.”

The box also includes a cute baby blanket with a plush giraffe head on the corner, a travel changing mat, a baby-carrying wrap, and tons of gender-neutral clothes and pajamas in different sizes up to six months. After showing off the accessories, which included hats, bibs, mittens, and socks, the mom shared that the box also included condoms, because why not. Oh, and a hooded towel, blankets, sheets, and a mattress to fit inside the box, because it’s made to be used as your baby’s first bed.

Oh yeah, and did we mention all of this is free? For every new mom? I know we did, but just wanted to point it out one more time. As tons of the comments on the video mentions, baby boxes in the U.S. include things like “thoughts and prayers,” “get back to work in three days,” and “a $13,000 hospital bill.”

Sigh. It’s just another reminder of how much more we could do to support women and families if we just prioritized them the way other countries do. So here’s your friendly reminder to vote for politicians who believe that moms and families deserve more.

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