Meet the man behind Odette — one of three restaurants in Singapore with three Michelin stars

The secrets of Odette’s 3-Michelin-star success

Odette is named after a revered matriach in Chef Julien Royer’s life: his grandmother.

“She is really someone very important to me, and the person that actually showed me how much passion, pleasure, happiness and emotion you can give to people through food,” he told CNBC.

Originally from central France, Royer rose to the top of the culinary world in 2019, when Odette was awarded three Michelin stars and named the best restaurant in Asia.

The restaurant — housed in Singapore’s sprawling National Gallery — serves French-Asian cuisine in an ethereal dining room adorned with pink terrazzo, gray velvet and liberal touches of nickel and marble.

The restaurant, said Royer, is designed to be a respite from the outside world.

“I want people to come in, to feel comfortable in the environment that we have created. I want people to have a good time and hopefully forget about their daily worries of life.”

Watch the full video to see Chef Julian Royer at work in Odette’s kitchen.  

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