EBlock Spurs McConkey Group Growth in California

Lisa Scott, president of EBlock, said McConkey Auction Group can now expand dealers' access to inventory and buyers. - Photo: EBlock

Lisa Scott, president of EBlock, said McConkey Auction Group can now expand dealers’ access to inventory and buyers.

EBlock recently expanded its reach with The McConkey Group, a long-standing and trusted partner.

The McConkey Group has been using EBlock’s dealer-to-dealer auction platform for its Spokane, Washington-based MAG NOW auction, which features EBlock’s Live Auction channel, enabling dealers to buy and sell cars in less time.

Now, they are expanding that platform to serve buyers and sellers in Northern California, stitching together EBlock’s territory in Southern California and the state’s northern regions.

“This technology has enabled us to grow in our Pacific Northwest and now our Alaska marketplace,” said Bob McConkey, president and CEO of McConkey Auction Group, in a June 25 news release. “Our partnership with EBlock continues to deliver a best-in-class auction experience to our shared customers and this expansion is the outcome of our longstanding partnership.”

This move marks another buying and selling opportunity in EBlock’s omnichannel auction strategy, offering multiple buying and selling channels under one consistent and connected auction platform. EBlock this year launched its Inland Empire Corona, California full-service, physical auction and introduced its Omnichannel Marketplace, featuring LiveLanes.

LiveLanes is a simulcast technology that merges physical and digital auctions into one consistent, and seamless auction event. It was unveiled earlier this year at Inland Empire. The McConkey Auction group launched LiveLanes in their Alaska market in January 2024.

EBlock’s platform provides multiple ways for dealers to buy and sell cars with a single login, one condition report, and a single run list, all in one place. The technology has the potential to scale in multiple ways.

“In recent years we’ve realized that working with well-established leaders in key markets is a fast track to success,” said Lisa Scott, president of EBlock. “Being able to license our technology to valuable partners like the McConkey Auction Group to expand dealers’ access to inventory, buyers, and end-to-end services is just one of the ways EBlock is evolving the wholesale experience.”

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