7 Surefire Ways to Delight A Baby Who Isn’t Crawling Yet

Your baby may not be on the move quite yet, but you can still have loads of fun hanging out together with these infant games and activities

It’s no secret that a mobile baby is a busy baby, and a busy baby is a happy baby. But if the crawling, creeping and scooting hasn’t yet begun, there are still plenty of ways to engage with your little one—and have a little fun yourself. Here are our favorite ideas for infant games you can play with your stationary sweetie.

1. Bubble Blowout

Something about the rainbow swirls and fanciful movements are endlessly alluring for babies and grown-ups alike. An inexpensive bottle of bubbles—or the homemade variety, if you prefer—will keep your mini-me fixated and, depending on age, may allow your child to exercise hand-eye coordination, too, as he tries to grasp at the floating orbs.

2. Song Sesh

There are plenty of studies showing that babies recognize and respond to human voices—especially their mama—but did you know that researchers have found that babies can hear and remember music even while in the womb? And that they enjoy concerts as much as their parents? It’s no surprise, then, that songs (especially when sung by mom!) are a sure thing when it comes to entertaining your wee one.

While lullabies are great for setting the mood for bedtime, more upbeat tempos are better at keeping baby amused during wakeful hours. To really capture your little one’s attention, choose interactive songs that include motions or silly sounds. (Think: sneezing, animal sounds, or surprise responses, like “peek-a-boo!”) Make up the lyrics as you go, or stick with tried-and-true classics like “Wheels on the Bus” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

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3. Fancy Footwork

Babies who haven’t mastered the art of being on the move just yet still do plenty of kicking and squirming. Keep your squirmy worm endlessly entertained by tying a helium balloon to their foot. Your baby will love watching the colorful balloon bounce above them in response to their movements, and you’ll love watching this newfound excitement.

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